For The Lovergirls

Refreshing rain after a hot tropical day, 
that is you, the Lovergirls of the world. 
You feel with your whole heart, 
and therefore your heartbreaks 
they’re astronomical. 

In people you see canvases to paint on, 
papers to write on, oh the stories you already 
weave in your head; whether for the better
or the worse. At times when they break the lenses 
that you see them through, you find yourself reeling, 
stuck in your feelings. 

And yet you still believe. 
And yet when another person walks into the picture, 
your heart still gets full.
For most it’s “once bitten, twice shy,” 
but for the Lovergirls it’s 
“broken twice, mendable. Broken thrice, heal.” 
And I find that so strong and so beautiful. 

Perhaps in this moment, you find your heart 
still keeping pieces of this person that hurt you, 
perhaps you’re saving space for 
that one unforgettable romance. 

But with your brain, the more you remember the past, 
the less of the present and the future could fill in. 
So dear Lovergirls, with the new year coming, turn the page.
Start the new chapter, either for healing or discovery. 
As cliched as it is, make new memories. 

For I too, am a Lovergirl, 
and as long as I live,
I hope. 

To a new self. :)